Marry Mind and Body at Beloved Yoga

There’s no denying that yoga offers many amazing benefits. At its simplest, a yoga practice improves your health, increases your flexibility, and gets you active on a regular basis. But yoga at its core, and as its practiced at Beloved Yoga, turns to so much more than physical benefits. 

Beloved Yoga declares itself to be “a sanctuary for all,” a concept that’s integral to the principles rooted in the practice itself. Stepping on the mat in a Beloved yoga session, you’ll work your body, yes, but you’ll learn to focus on your breath and brain, too. In its truest sense, yoga exercises the mind, offering solace in its inherent mindfulness. The more you practice, the better you learn to return your focus to your breath and clear your mind of whatever was troubling you before you unfurled your mat. As you breathe in, you’ll fuel your mind and spirit—breathing out, you’ll release tension, stress, and whatever worries you can let go of. 

Of course, Beloved Yoga offers all the physical benefits you expect of a yoga class. But, all the more importantly, it stays true to the practice in its truest sense, using yoga as a tool to work the mind and spirit. 

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