Fridge Bare at The Apartments at Harbor Park? Restock at Giant!

Fridge Bare at The Apartments at Harbor Park? Restock at Giant!

Look on the bright side: These stay-in-place orders can be viewed positively as a time to learn and grow. Why not take advantage of your extra time at home by trying out new things, like cooking? Whether you’re totally new to cooking or a bona fide chef, you need groceries to begin. 

Giant Food Store at the North Point Village Center is the chain’s closest location to The Apartments at Harbor Park. This grocery store location has many different departments such as natural and organic food, bakery, deli, produce and meat, health and beauty, and several others. Their services include Western Union, Redbox, and a pharmacy that offers in-house health services and flu shots. Giant also employs nutritionists to help with your dietary needs and any wellness questions you have.

Giant has great savings already included in-store as well as digital coupons for loyal customers. They actually show you on-screen how much you could potentially save on food and gas. It’s a great feature—no more coupon clipping and everything is saved on your loyalty card.

Giant is open daily from 6 am until 10 pm and offers contactless shopping through delivery and pick-up services.

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