Daybreak Kitchen & Biscuit Brings a Taste of the South to Sterling


Since Daybreak Kitchen & Biscuit opened last May, this place has been offering Southern-style breakfast food. Judging by the almost universally positive reviews it has received online, it seems like Daybreak Kitchen & Biscuit is doing something right. Owners Damian Dajcz (of Senor Ramon Taqueria) and Jake Endres and Lee Rogan (of Crooked Run Brewing) were inspired by a West-Coast business trip to open up an all-day breakfast spot that would complement their existing (and adjacent) businesses.

 The menu here is pretty simple—featuring sandwiches, salads, seafood, and sweets–but the flaky, house-made buttermilk biscuits are really the main attraction. The biscuits are a key ingredient in several of the restaurant’s most popular dishes, including the Nash fried chicken and cheese, as well as the SoCal grilled chicken and avocado breakfast sandwich. Pro tip: whatever you order, consider pairing your meal with a mimosa from the cold-pressed juice bar.

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