Get Up Close and Personal With Exotic Animals at Roer’s Zoofari


Roer’s Zoofari is about as close as you can get to going on an African safari without hopping aboard a plane. Unlike a traditional zoo, where you walk from one enclosure to the next, Roer’s Zoofari allows its animals to roam freely in a large habitat, and you meet and greet them from the comfort and safety of an open-air bus.

As your bus makes its way through the zoo park, your guide will point out the critters grazing and trotting around you. You might spot zebra, buffalo, deer, and llamas along the way. After the ride, meet some of the other animals to live nearby. You’ll actually get the chance to feed and pet the goats, sheep, and rabbits—as well as giraffes and camels, if you’re brave! Don’t forget to visit the Budgie Adventure area, which is a free- flight aviary filled with winged animals.

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