Try the Noodle Dishes at Finn Thai Restaurant & Bar


Finn Thai Restaurant & Bar is a new addition to the Reston dining scene, and it’s already generating a certain amount of buzz. Early Yelp reviewers note that the restaurant itself is tastefully decorated in an elegant, yet understated way, while the food is well-prepared using high-quality ingredients. 

The Pad Thai, for example, arrives at your table topped with a full pound of grilled shrimp atop a bed of spiced rice noodles. Customers report that the Penang beef is well spiced, reasonably priced, and large enough to feed two hungry adults. Eating in the restaurant itself is the best way to get the full experience, but be aware that this place also offers carry-out and delivery options, both of which are very popular. Head over to the website and place your order online before arriving to avoid a wait, especially during the noon hour when this place gets busy.

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