Indulge in an Artisan Dessert at Pitango Gelato


If you love a piping-hot cup of Earl Grey tea in the morning, perhaps with a splash of milk, you’ll also love the black tea gelato at Pitango Gelato. The creamy dessert perfectly captures the citrusy essence of Ceylon black tea, infused with a subtle sweetness that hints at a swirl of fresh milk. Best of all, the gelato is 100% organic.

In fact, many of the artisan gelatos and sorbets served at Pitango Gelato feature organic or Fair Trade ingredients. The caffe espresso gelato has both. The team begins by brewing high-quality espresso, shot by shot, and then chills it and folds it into a creamy base. If you’re looking for a dairy-free dessert, turn your attention to the sorbets. They’re all crafted without dairy, and many are fat-free, as well, like the varieties that showcase local peaches or strawberries.

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