Work Your Way Out of Themed Rooms at Escape Room Loudoun


Who are you going to take to Escape Room Loudoun to try their state-of-the-art escape rooms? Maybe your friend who’s good at puzzles, or the pal who is always doing ten things at once. Build your team carefully, then book your visit at Escape Room Loudoun.

Choose "The Hippocratic Oath" room and work your way out of a demented doctor’s house, or pick "Paradise Casino" and stop a rival casino from sabotaging the business. The rooms at Escape Room Loudoun feature lots of thoughtful props, and they’re each carefully soundproofed to ensure your fun stays in your room. They also make great team-building exercises if you want to come with work colleagues or spice up a corporate outing. Escape Room Loudoun is located just over Route 7 across from the Town Center at Sterling. It’s closed Mondays and Tuesdays, but there are plenty of times to book the balance of the week. 

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