Enjoy a Taste of New England at Mason’s Famous Lobster Roll


How do you like your lobster roll? Cool and classic, or warm with butter on a toasted bun? Mason’s Famous Lobster Roll has them both ways, along with the other New England classics that will have you craving a summer vacation to the coast.

They put lobster on just about everything at Mason’s Famous Lobster Roll, from the grilled cheese, to the salads, to the top of your soup — and it’s all delicious. Stop in to the new location that just opened on Democracy Drive in Reston for lobster the fast-casual way and get a lobster roll and your choice of side for less than $20. Considering the amount of fresh lobster meat you get on each sandwich, it’s a value and a special way to treat yourself to something different. If you’re entertaining this holiday season, treat your friends and family to catering from Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls. They have impressive platters and affordable sides for a decadent meal worthy of a celebration. 

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