Sip a Specialty Drink From a Light Bulb at J-Petal


Have you ever drank green tea out of a light bulb or eaten ice cream out of a crepe? Both experiences await you at J-Petal. The eatery opened this summer with a menu of sweet and savory crepes, Thai rolled ice cream treats, and specialty beverages served in glasses that look just like light bulbs.

Interested in a sweet crepe? Devour the Tokyo Sakura, a cone-shaped crepe stuffed with fresh fruit, yogurt and custard, pistachios and Nutella, and a single chocolate macaron. Craving something savory? Try the chicken teriyaki crepe filled with fresh veggies, stir-fried chicken, and Japanese teriyaki sauce. Wash down your dish with a "light bulb" filled with house-made Thai iced tea or cap off your meal with Thai rolled ice cream embellished with your choice of fixings.

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