Meet Your Fitness Goals at Express Pilates


Pilates has been around for quite a long time, but did you know that professional athletes are increasingly turning to this high-intensity, low-impact workout in order to maintain muscle and flexibility while minimizing the chance for injury? It's true, and Reston's Express Pilates is at the forefront of this new athletically-motivated interest in pilates.

This studio offers a range of classes that are variously focused on general strength training, as well as specialized toning that targets the specific muscle groups you need to excel in various sports (golfers, in particular, flock to the Golf Fitness classes at this studio). Express Pilates also offers nutrition and holistic health coaching, designed to help you support your fitness goals through diet and meditation, as well as exercise. Head over to the studio’s website for a full schedule of fitness classes and other health-related services.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Geralt
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