Try Casual Filipino-American Fare at Newly Opened Egg Karne


The founders of Egg Karne are both Filipino and American, and so is their food. They combine the Filipino recipes they grew up cooking and eating with the fresh, local ingredients available in Virginia. The melding of two culinary worlds culminates in an explosion of flavor, as evidenced by more than 50 positive reviews rolling in for Egg Karne since it opened three months ago.

Stop by Egg Karne to sink your teeth into a different kind of breakfast sandwich, like the brioche sammy stuffed with a Filipino garlic sausage called longanisa, a cage-free egg, and cheese, plus Karne Sauce—a Filipino-style barbecue sauce. Share some snacks with friends, like the Filipino beef eggrolls, the Spam-topped fries, or the fried rice balls with jalapeno fish sauce. For lunch, try the Wagyu-Angus cheeseburger, a patty of organic local beef, smothered with Karne Sauce, sriracha, mayo, and Filipino ketchup.

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