Calling All Dessert Lovers: Treat Yourself to a Cookie From Noshy


Anyone with a sweet tooth should know about Noshy. The bakery specializes in cookies and ships its unique creations all across the country. With just a quick look at the lineup, you'll understand why — you simply can't get cookies like these at your average bakery.

Take, for instance, the salted chocolate peanut butter cookies. Patrons designate these cookies as the most drool-worthy of the bunch. It features a chocolaty dough and chocolate chips swirled with rich peanut butter and sprinkled with just a dash of salt to really accentuate the sweet flavors. The root beer float cookie sandwiches begin with a pair of cookies infused with the soda's subtle flavor, which are then filled with classic vanilla buttercream. If you're craving a more traditional cookie, Noshy also offers classics like chocolate chip cookies and snickerdoodles.

Public Domain/Pixabay/mccartyv
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