Spend the Day With the Family at Roer’s Zoofari


For locals, Roer’s Zoofari is more than just a place to see animals; it’s a place where families make memories. Going back through the 1950s, when it was formerly known as Reston Zoo, this popular Vienna destination has long inspired kids to appreciate nature through up-close and personal encounters with a range of animals.

General admission is $12 for kids and $17 for adults, and includes a safari tour and access to the barnyard and aviary exhibits. At each display you can pay a few dollars for cups of feed, milk bottles, or bird sticks to have the animals (literally) eating out of your hand. You'll get to see giraffes, zebras, camels, budgies, bison and deer, as well as an array of barnyard animals. When the weather’s warm, you can even bring a picnic and make a whole day out of your visit. Planning your little one’s birthday party? Roer’s will offer a private pavilion, discounted admission, and exclusive time with the animals.

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