Flow Through a Hot Yoga Class at Down Dog Yoga


When the minds behind Down Dog Yoga set out to open their string of studios, they wanted to create a space where everyone felt comfortable coming to practice yoga. Here, it wouldn't matter how long you'd been practicing or whether you came along or in a group. Everyone would immediately feel like part of the family and be able to exercise without any insecurity. Given that Down Dog Yoga now has four thriving studios, including one in Herndon, it seems that the founders have accomplished their initial goals.

Come to the Down Dog Yoga near your home to sweat your way to a stronger body. The classes are held in rooms heated to 90 or 95 degrees, which may help your body release stress and toxins as you practice. Try the classic Flow class, which keeps your body moving through a quick series of poses, or add some quiet time to calm the mind at Flow + Meditation. Power Beats amps up the energy with up-tempo beats while Slow Flow + Yin helps you unwind and quiet the mind. Pick your preferred class and come to Down Dog Yoga for a sweat session.

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