Savor Authentic Chinese Flavors at IncrediBowl in Chantilly


Perhaps you've never heard of Gui Jie, but anyone from Beijing would instantly recognize the name of this famous avenue. It's where the chef of IncrediBowl, a new eatery in Chantilly, honed his skills. Here, he learned the art of creating authentic Chinese food.

Come to IncrediBowl to taste what the chef can do in the kitchen. He carefully crafts Chinese specialties such as fish in hot chili oil and cumin beef delivered to your table on a still-sizzling plate. Are you adventurous enough to try something more traditional? Then order the savory Chinese-style pancake, try the spicy Sichuan pork feet, or sink a spoon into the lamb noodle soup. To appease its variety of eaters, the chef also cooks up some Americanized versions of Chinese food that you're probably already familiar with, like General Tso's chicken and beef and broccoli.

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