Savor a Sushi Burrito at PokeHub


When PokeHub opened six weeks ago, it brought a new type of Japanese-Hawaiian fusion fare to Reston. PokeHub allows customers to build their own poke rice bowl, which features fresh fish, or a sushi-style burrito swathed in a tortilla and seaweed paper. For those who really want to go off the beaten path, opt for a salad, tacos, or a base of tortilla chips instead. Once you make this first crucial decision, move on to the extras.

First, pick some toppings. Edamame, jalapenos, sweet corn, and pineapple are just a few of your options. Then select the protein. You can go with the classic poke protein, Ahi tuna, or ty something different such as salmon, scallop, shrimp, or even chicken or tofu. Then decide which house-made sauce you'd like drizzled on top. Opt for the chipotle mayo if you're craving spice or the yuzu ponzu for classic mild flavors.

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