Find Upscale Japanese Cuisine at Kobe Bonsai


Kobe Bonsai is a Japanese steakhouse and sushi bar that is widely recognized for its exquisite hibachi cuisine. The full course hibachi entrees — such as the Tender Filet Mignon or the Hibachi Vegetable Delight — are served with Japanese Chicken Noodle Soup, house salad, shrimp, vegetables, choice of lo mein or rice, and dessert. As assortment of delectable appetizers are available as well, such as the Ahi Tuna Tataki, which features seared fresh tuna topped with a garlic ponzu sauce.

A wide selection of premium Japanese sake adds an extra level of enjoyment for patrons who wish to partake in the imbibing of flavorful adult beverages. The Hana White Peach sake has a sweet and refreshing taste, while the Horin Gekkeikan has a long and smooth flavor, with just a slight essence of pear. The friendly staff and talented hibachi chefs add a charming personal touch to an already delightful meal, making Kobe Bonsai the perfect dinner choice when visiting Sterling.

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