Relax With a Private Yoga Session at The Ayurvedic Path Yoga


You’ll feel like you’re at home when you step into The Ayurvedic Path Yoga. Stretch your body and mind in group or private lessons for a workout that’s part mindfulness, part physical activity. Michelle Fondin will guide you through your yoga class based on The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, which offers a comfortable set format with some poses changing week to week.

Prefer to have one-on-one instruction? A few times a week, there are openings for 55-minute private sessions. This instruction time will include learning proper breathing techniques, mini meditation and centering, seated poses, poses that help spine flexibility, sun salutations and more.

If you don’t mind a group session, “Meditation and Yoga for Everyone” is a 90-minute class that combines Hatha yoga with 20 minutes of meditation from the beginning. Classes are on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. and are perfect for those looking to quiet the mind.

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