Find Fresh Fruit Flavors and High Quality Desserts at Pitango Gelato


Summer is heating up and sometimes you just need a frosty treat to cool down, so next time you find yourself craving something cold and sweet, consider heading over to Pitango Gelato. This Reston gelato shop uses only quality, organic ingredients to make its popular desserts, which means that the pure flavors stand out all on their own.

Regulars say one of the best ways to enjoy gelato is to choose two complementary flavor and get a scoop of each in the same cup. Try pairing a scoop of creamy coconut with rich, dark chocolate, or go for a combination of espresso and fresh mango. Whatever you choose, there are several seating options for enjoying it. Take a table in the bright, airy, and air conditioned shop, or head outdoors to enjoy the patio seating — just be sure to snag a spot in the shade!

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